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If you wish to contact me, please email me at remittancegirl at gmail dot com As a writer, I feel very strongly that the erotica genre has suffered greatly over the years from a lack of quality, good editorship, and a dearth of publishers willing to put new material out there.

Remittance girl

Although writing is not my main profession, it is the focus of my life. The persona of Remittance Girl was born on the web in when she moved to Southeast Asia and began writing in earnest.

Remittance girl

Remittance girl

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  1. She writes, teaches, and grows orchids. Her short stories have been published in M.

  2. Wikipedia describes a remittance man thus: I could have chosen a name that sounded like a name, but where would be the fun it that.

  3. It seems to have been appropriated by two literary camps:

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