Retroactive jealousy ocd


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Consequently, this is referred to as a retroactive jealousy obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD. This is because, at heart, retroactive jealousy is still an anxiety over losing a partner to someone in the present rather than the past. Dealing with this type of disorder can be very difficult when done all by yourself.

Retroactive jealousy ocd

Why People Have Retroactive Jealousy OCD There is no quick answer for this type of disorder as it could have stemmed from a lot of environmental and biological factors. Thus, it becomes more painful when trying or forcing oneself to quit thinking about it. This type of disorder may have already been encoded genetically in the DNA.

Retroactive jealousy ocd

Retroactive jealousy ocd

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  1. Thus, it becomes more painful when trying or forcing oneself to quit thinking about it. Retroactive jealousy OCD can be treated but it should be done by professionals, of course, with the willing participation of the patient.

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