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The statements of the trial judge at the time the sentence in question was imposed indicate that he relied on In re Doelle, Mich , and In re DeMeerleer, Mich It was a bit difficult to make trim cuts close to the edge of the sheet as the saw would fray the material rather than making a clean cut.


Under the circumstances we do not think that it was within the power of the trial court to ignore the fact that petitioner had served the full statutory maximum under the sentence imposed on July 10, ReWall is a sheathing board made from recycled, compressed drinking cartons.



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  1. Hopefully the product will start to receive wider distribution and will become available in more regions.

  2. A commitment was issued accordingly.

  3. In presenting the motion for sentence on the verdict of the jury it was the position of the prosecuting attorney that the time served under the life sentence imposed in July, , should not be considered for any purpose, that such sentence, having been set aside, was a mere nullity, and that the situation was precisely the same as it would have been if the proceeding under the supplemental information had not been taken. All of our prefabricated wall and roof panels use ReWall EssentialBoard as the interior sheathing.

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