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By Rick Hanson January 7, Do you have the courage to look behind the eyes of another person? Buddhist psychology maps the best to modern, Western science of any contemplative tradition, because it tends to be at bottom really quite secular.

Rick hanson psychologist

Emotions related to the sublime, such as appreciating the night sky or communing with nature, also come into play. By Rick Hanson January 8, We can avoid some pain, suffering, and frustration if we change the way we relate to our desires. By Rick Hanson October 5, Is your mind wandering?

Rick hanson psychologist

Rick hanson psychologist

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  1. It is this part of the brain that Hanson contends can be trained and developed.

  2. The next step, he says, is being mindful and present; observing and taking note when these positive emotions occur and recognizing them for what they are, which helps to regulate activity in the amygdalae.

  3. The final Buddha-like quality we may seek to attain is a sense of connection with the world around us—a more complex and profound quality achieved when allocentric perceptual circuits in the brain give us an impersonal perspective on things instead of the all-too-commonly relied upon egocentric perspective.

  4. By Rick Hanson , Forrest Hanson March 27, We'll be better prepared for life's challenges if we cultivate these 12 inner strengths.

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