Roach clip earrings


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Step 7 Place the 2 cord ends into the alligator clip and crimp Hold the two ends together in your fingers and slide them into the opening on the end of the alligator clip. Step 2 Apply a small drop of hot glue Once it cools slightly, pinch it together to hold the feathers and leather in place.

Roach clip earrings

Now it's time to move on to the final step! Play around with it and have fun!

Roach clip earrings

Roach clip earrings

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  1. In Native American culture, roach feathers usually were comprised of a single golden eagle feather, to represent a warrior's first war honor coup.

  2. Step 1 Hold the ends of the feathers at one end of the cord Just like in the photo below. Warning Hot glue can burn!

  3. Craft feathers Wooden beads with large center hole Floral tape Alligator clip with opening on end Scissors Pliers Hot glue gun To begin, cut your leather cord into two desired lengths. Step 6 Repeat Steps for the second cord Your two finished pieces should look something like this.

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