Roller skating charlotte nc


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Winter Wonderland Though life in the South doesn't provide lots of ice-covered ponds for skating, there are places to lace up skates and cut across the rink. There is also a tavern and banquet room on site when you need to re-fuel. Bottled water and sports drinks.

Roller skating charlotte nc

Every Wednesday is buy one, get one free night! These facilities are equipped with bowling and mini-bowling lanes, more than games and rides, inflatable playgrounds, bumper car areas and roller skating rinks.

Roller skating charlotte nc

Roller skating charlotte nc

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  1. The foot ice rink is surrounded by holiday lights providing the perfect backdrop for a fun family night or mom-and-dad date night.

  2. We stock hockey and figure skating equipment and apparel. The Campbell Creek greenway, which runs along a tributary of McAlpine Creek, features a smooth, paved surface.

  3. Pricing varies based on your bundle of activities. Loitering is not permitted.

  4. Skates are available in whole sizes only.

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