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She was simply keeping her options open. It takes one to know one. For them being authentic is about airing their grievances whenever they want it, uncaring about how that might come across to the other person and how that can push him away.

Rori raye tools

She was clear that she was ready for marriage and a baby and that this is what she planned to manifest. Here are the topics that Gay and his special guests will be discussing: It was all his idea and I kind of just went along with it.

Rori raye tools

Rori raye tools

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  1. He can feel this shift immediately, and - almost shockingly - will instinctively and concretely move closer to you. I get so anxious and insecure… I need help taking my power back.

  2. Make Him Fall For You will shift your "vibe" from what feels to a man like the coldness of being in your head - to the warmth, passion, and intense, irresistible magnetism of being in your heart

  3. I feel so foolish for scaring him off so bad. Thanks for taking the time to read this and answer me.

  4. We are truly feminine energy Sirens, and it's the intense, feminine energy we create with our feelings that will compel a man - perhaps YOUR man - to feel so intensely attracted to you he'll give up anything and everything - including his freedom - to be with you

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