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The lines between "WEEK" and "Reference" must be changed only insofar as the score is entered in the appropriate slot. Rights of the players Every person who subscribes to CP, at the moment the entry is received, will receive via e-mail the 34 blank ECSP match-forms, irregardless of how many stages have already been played.

Rrweb mail

When a compiled match-form, independently on how it was received, is found correct by the organizer and therefore accepted, a copy of it is sent back by e-mail. Subscription or entry to CP can occur at any time prior to the playing of the 14th valid stage that is to say on December 22th, Introduction The Concorso Pronostici CP is a competition without prizes based on accurate predictions i.

Rrweb mail

Rrweb mail

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  1. However, in this case, it is necessary to explain the situation to the organizer who has the right to refuse any particular subscription to CP

  2. The lines between "WEEK" and "Reference" must be changed only insofar as the score is entered in the appropriate slot. Reference ID max 5 letters:

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