Rules jehovah witnesses must follow


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They are forbidden to be a police officer This judgment will be based on their actions after resurrection rather than past deeds.

Rules jehovah witnesses must follow

They are strongly discouraged from giving to charity except Watchtower causes They are forbidden to celebrate their birthday

Rules jehovah witnesses must follow

Rules jehovah witnesses must follow

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The groups of these penalties also disburse. They can never twirl what is used in Watchtower literature 10l.
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  1. They are forbidden to own or wear a cross

  2. Heaven is hope only for select Jehovah's Witnesses. Social interaction outside of formal worship settings is generally curtailedmarked.

  3. The effects of these penalties also vary. The dead know, feel, and experience absolutely nothing.

  4. There is no Hell of fiery torment; Hades and Sheol are understood to refer to the condition of death, termed the common grave.

  5. Jesus is not to be worshiped or prayed to-he is only an angel a. They are forbidden to wear jade jewelry

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