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He stayed there for the rest of his life, about forty more years, surviving only on barley , water, and the holy Eucharist. Drogo stayed in his cell without any human contact, except for a small window in which he received the Eucharist and obtained his food. The townspeople, it is written, saw him both tending sheep and attending Mass.

Saint drogo

At one point in his journeys, he became a shepherd in imitation of Christ, the Good Shepherd. Essentially he wandered from place to place, serving the poor wherever he went. He was born in Epinoy , Flanders ,[1] and died in Sebourg , France.

Saint drogo

Saint drogo

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  1. He dedicated himself to God at an early age and when he became an adult, instead of joining a religious order, Drogo became a perpetual pilgrim. He learned the reason for her death, and it made an emotional impact on him.

  2. He became a shepherd for about six years, working in Sebourg, near Valenciennes, where he worked for a woman named Elizabeth de l'Haire. In his twenties, a cell was built for him to protect the local citizens of the village from his appearance.

  3. At one point in his journeys, he became a shepherd in imitation of Christ, the Good Shepherd.

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