Salty sinus drainage


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When you catch a cold and mucus production goes up, sinuses may also get blocked, so these cavities can get overgrown with bacteria that might lead to a sinus infection. Asked whether it was better to cough up the phlegm and spit it out into a tissue, of course or swallow it, Marshall replied it truly didn't matter.

Salty sinus drainage

Side effects of medication. In the beginning, the saltiness was so bad that it made me feel like vomiting.

Salty sinus drainage

Salty sinus drainage

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  1. Ear, nose and throat specialists suggest that the normal color of mucus is clear.

  2. This will lead to a burning sensation in the chest, along with other symptoms. This yeast infection causes white blotches to appear in the mouth, and an unusual sensitivity or a burning sensation in the mouth.

  3. A less common condition would be the inflammation of the salivary glands in the mouth that might reduce saliva production, resulting in a salty taste. This means the inflammation of the sinuses could be an allergic reaction triggered by inhaling an allergen into the nasal passage, such as grass pollen or dust mites in the environment, or by eating certain types of food.

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