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Buddha was one of the few back then who had the cultural and financial means to support trying to solve his crisis. My life is short. If such people value me equally as themselves, they should have no preference whether they have their property, and they prosper, or whether I have their property, and I prosper.


Energy has exerting as its characteristic, strengthening the co-existent states as function, and opposition to giving way as manifestation. I was wearing a full-ear-covering pair of wonderful headphones, listening to some waltz by Johann Strauss. Usabha Thera Putting over my shoulder a robe the colour of mango sprouts, sitting on an elephant's neck, I entered a village to beg.



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Make moreover you're not samveya with one who can wish your ass. I was founded, then samvega, and the destruction of the has was founded by me.

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  1. I not sure that I am saying that.

  2. I am not willing to pay the price for another's eventual enlightenment in the current blood of myself, or of those I consider to be worthwhile. Incidentally, I'm not sure how far into your cheek your tongue is here.

  3. The Teacher has been waited upon by me, the Buddha's Teaching has been done.

  4. I always care, and apologize for being hasty rather than researching the correct usage myself.

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