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But just because there are more potential partners out there doesn't mean it's any easier to find a compatible match. Culture San Jose one of the least open-minded dating cities in US, says survey In a survey of almost 1 million dating profiles conducted by online dating site Zoosk, San Jose, home of so much that is tech, is the second-least open-minded dating city in the US.

San jose hook up

Most of the women Mic spoke with said there are a lot of smart, successful men in San Jose, and it's not difficult to meet them. However, none of the maybe 30 men surrounding us were eager to start a conversation," Erika, who lives in nearby San Jose, told Mic. In the end, gender ratios don't matter nearly as much as the other factors that go into finding love.

San jose hook up

San jose hook up

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  1. Well, California's hive of the future emerged as the second least open-minded.

  2. I am in between an A and B leaning A type personality.

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