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I consider this a bonus, not discussed in any email. I know I have alot in me to share and sometimes I'm even funny, but I have have to learn how to write just parts of my story at a time so I take rest and don't make myself run down so much like I did in the morning becasue I way over did it. I ended up telling a whole lot of my story from the start and the more thoughts kept coming the moreI kept writing and fixing things as I typed.

Sanatra health care

Well it turned out it was he was b12 deficent. I'd rather treat it naturally if possible, but I'm running out of viable options

Sanatra health care

Sanatra health care

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  1. ImUilive is correct, there are many beneficial supplements and I encourage you to do some research on all of them and ask your medical team questions about benefits, side affects and such. So just before seeing your reply I had just got my laptop on again to reread some of what I wrote and make a decission.

  2. PS maybe I should find somewhere here to just write and share on my own spot as I have learned so much on my long journey and since I came home. He sells many products but you don"t have to purchase these or any things from just his site you can get these on Amonzon.

  3. He reports that went these patients added L-taurine in with the other suplements they too began to recover and were happier and lived a longer enjoyable life with their families doing waht they loved to do before the surgery in some cases again. Or if or when I have any more A-fib attacks and no one told me that I could have them when I came home either.

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