Sapiophile relationship


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If she does not know what a sapiophile is, she may be confused or feel belittled. At the very least, the question will come as a surprise.

Sapiophile relationship

Owning the sapiophile in her Sapiophiles are attracted to others like them. And, for the most part this emphasis on looks over intelligence and independence continues.

Sapiophile relationship

Sapiophile relationship

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  1. Sapiophiles tend to have an intense interest in what the people they meet read, because it can help them decide just how much of an intellectual they really are. These kinds of nerdy gifts are part and parcel of this particular group of people.

  2. Debating When a woman can win a debate with a sapiophile, he will be all over her!

  3. As long as your library has at least one classic book, a sapiophile will be attracted to you. So what do smart guys do when it comes to overcoming a problem with women?

  4. Young adults with this kind of intelligence enjoy writing, reading, telling stories or doing crossword puzzles. Would we rather hesitant mothers have children only to give them away and leave them in cycles of social workers, foster cares and neglect?

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