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It is not about education or how much you know about history, maths or languages. Is sapiosexual only a preference?: It becomes disheartening when a dream turns into a nightmare.


It felt good how vulnerable and fragile I have become. My biggest lesson with falling in love, was learning to love myself completely before allowing someone else to love me. Darf ich mich selbst als sapiosexuell bezeichnen?:



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  1. Falls nicht, kannst du mir ein paar Argumente dalassen. You can do whatever you like.

  2. Nur weil man sapiosexuell ist, bedeuetet es nicht das die oben genannten Verben auf einen zutreffen.

  3. Is sapiosexual an orientation?: I used to grow just for you.

  4. Unfortunately it took, going through a cycle of abuse, almost losing site in my right eye and having my entire body covered in bruises, for me to finally wake up to realize that Abuse is not Love.

  5. Is sapiosexual only a preference?:

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