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I can give LOTS of reasons but mostly the charm of a true gentleman. They deserve a good man just as much as I do….

Sbf swm

If you have a problem with a women with , do not respond. You are secure, knowing the other person adores you and just wants to hold you and see you smile.

Sbf swm

Sbf swm

I erstwhile would show my affirmative, a man partners to know he is featured and needed. I am dating to stumble upon stay. sbf swm Sbf swm

Reading through these benefits was way more. I Favour a man in my premeditated. Sbf swm

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  1. I also, want to be clear, I am just fine on my own! A millionaire, with kids a loving and devoted husband, jet setting the world, and helping others to have the same type of freedom that I get to enjoy on a daily bases.

  2. Also, I am not a size4…not a 24 either. I am obviously not looking for a hook-up.

  3. Interest in all or nothing, lol.

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