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News reports are often introduced by Andrew Mayne presenting scenarios where his co-hosts must respond to the events of a report as Mayne reveals an increasing amount of detail. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

Scam school all episodes

After filming several episodes of Brian Brushwood: CordKillers airs live on Diamond Club.

Scam school all episodes

Scam school all episodes

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  1. And so much moreā€¦ Download Transcript Here The line between a scam and a magic trick can be pretty thin. So I became fascinated with the structure and the psychology behind scams partly to learn how to defend and how to tell other people to defend themselves, but also to enhance the quality of my performance.

  2. By making it their idea. Luckily, Brian Brushwood of Scam School, The Modern Rogue, and Night Attack only wants you to buy him a drink for sharing what he knows about the fine art of deception.

  3. Like Producer Jason when he talks about being on one of the first episodes of Scam School, presented here for your enjoyment:

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