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II Your Residence address where it will be delivered to no P. The current scams are coming from Marlene Melvin in the Philippines and she then requests that you deal with her father Tom Melvin.

Scamwatch gov au

The Seniors Enquiry Line is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided from outside sources. The process is likely to take several more months as the US DoJ and Federal Trade Commission advise that the review of submissions will continue into The remission scheme has a dedicated website that contains updates on the general progression of the claims as well as where to report related scam attempts please visit www.

Scamwatch gov au

Scamwatch gov au

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  1. You will have lost the money you gave the scammer, and if you have already sent the item you were selling, you will lose it as well. Similar caution should be adhered to when renting a property by only entering in to an agreement with someone when they are accepting the property in person or you are dealing with a reputable company which deals with student placements such as Homestay arrangements.

  2. If you lose money to a scam, it is unlikely that you will be able to recover your loss. If you believe someone is trying to scam you please report the incident to ScamWatch http:

  3. I appreciate your immediate answer. ThanksHave a nice dayJosef" We recommend to prospective tenants that they should not pay any money to a Landlord or Real Estate Agent until they have inspected a property and are entering in to an agreement and obtaining keys to the property.

  4. We have a financier that is based in the states and he will be handling the payment and some other expenses, so he will be the one that will be taking care of the service payment throughout her stay in Australia. Do not send money in advance.

  5. I will not like to be stranded on my arrival. About us Seniors Enquiry Line is a statewide information and referral service for Queensland seniors, families, friends, grandparents and carers.

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