Scorpio sun leo rising


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Or you will avoid intimacy with anybody if it means you have to let your guard down. You are likely to be very loyal to loved ones, but will switch off completely if betrayed.

Scorpio sun leo rising

You benefit from calm, placid and strong partners who are able to withstand the intensity of your emotional experiences, and your need to work them out on others. A Scorpion hides under darkness to watch for coming danger and will bite to get away

Scorpio sun leo rising

Scorpio sun leo rising

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  1. It is an all or nothing kind of stance. They tend to be controlling and small-minded when it comes to other people and their ideas.

  2. Often, those with Scorpio rising give very little away as to what they are really thinking and feeling. Scorpio sign with Gemini rising A trait that Scorpio and Gemini share is a talent for manipulating people easily.

  3. Mixing Scorpio sign and Aries makes for a brave person who's got gumption. Since they have a Gemini rising they may spill your secrets on purpose, just to get back at you.

  4. If not released, these states seethe and fester within the psyche, exploding from time to time with powerful and destructive force. Your first form of attack then is defence, while you wait for others to reveal who they truly are.

  5. Scorpios respect themselves just as much as Aries does except, Scorpio is more protective of their self-respect than Aries.

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