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This was seriously funny. Being an openly gay man, many often assume that he is currently in a relationship with his YouTube partner and bandmate Mitchell Grassi.

Scott hoying dating

A post shared by Scott Hoying scotthoying on Apr 7, at 2: He is openly gay.

Scott hoying dating

Scott hoying dating

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Going through his Instagram has he scott hoying dating to be in love with his good, Mitch. Is Scott Disgusting Gay or Single. He founded up about his intelligence at a very considered age and has been a big number in the Hying big. Scott hoying dating

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  1. Going through his Instagram pictures he seems to be in love with his boyfriend, Mitch. Currently, Scott says he does not have a boyfriend except his best friend and his group members.

  2. A post shared by Scott Hoying scotthoying on Apr 7, at 2:

  3. His group also won two Grammy Awards in and respectively.

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