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No downloads, no plugins, no configuration, and no registration. This comfort gives people the freedom to explore sides of their personality they might otherwise feel too self conscious to enact. Embarrassment, fear of judgment or rejection keeps people from even talking about some of the things which most excite them.

Sec chat rooms

It's all free and requires no registration, but there are things you might want to know in order to own your own chat room and operate it effectively. Our entirely standalone software requires no downloads, no third-party software, and no plugins of any kind. It can seem overwhelming, especially because we don't all have the kind of vocabulary and confidence to score immediate successes, but don't worry.

Sec chat rooms

Sec chat rooms

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  1. For room owners and administrators, this means less access to exploits in Java and Flash, so your chat room is more secure than ever.

  2. Browse Profiles Feel free to browse through the listed profiles of your fellow registered chatters.

  3. Forums Do you like to take your time and write longer, more informative posts, dealing with issues of greater consequence? Share pictures with individuals or the entire room.

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