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The best time to ask this question is before you hit the Dip. You should quit if you're facing a Cliff. Part of the work of the successful venture capitalist is to imagine life after the Dip.

Seth godin dip

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Seth godin dip

Seth godin dip

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  1. Quitting for the long term is an excellent idea.

  2. You should quit if the project you're working on has a Dip that isn't worth the reward at the end. They quit when it's painful and stick when they can't be bothered to quit.

  3. The opportunity coast of investing your life in something that's not going to get better is just too high. Direct those resources at a Dip worth conquering and your odds of success go way up.

  4. And then the Dip happens. First, do you have the resources to get through it; second, is it worth what it will take?

  5. I thought they already did.

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