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Therefore, the adult sex ratio of our study population apparently reflects the OSR, both are male-biased, and confounding effects of differential costs of reproduction i. In this model, based on transient individual quality rooted in costs of reproduction, females exchange a depleted male for one that has not recently bred. With a biased OSR and temporally variable breeding quality, members of the over-represented sex might rotate in and out of the breeding pool, via the effect of choice exerted by the other sex.

Sex and boobies

Adults in these cohorts fledged during the breeding seasons beginning in — and — Given the observed male-biased OSR, the model of persistent individual quality makes several predictions:

Sex and boobies

Sex and boobies

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  1. In this situation, an individual could switch mates adaptively if its current mate's quality dropped below the value of those in the unmated pool Ens et al. Numerous theoretical and empirical studies Andersson as well as recent experimental manipulation of the sex ratio during a single breeding season Jones et al.

  2. A bout length was calculated as the number of consecutive years an individual bred incubated one or more eggs for any length of time.

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