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I'm on the Pill but that's it. This highlights the need for carers and workers to strive to maximize the health of LAYP and build strong relationships with them to encourage discussions around sexual health.

Sex moy

The majority expressed a perceived knowledge deficit around STIs: Double up the condom and that… It's in case the condom bursts, you have to double it up… it won't break then.

Sex moy

Sex moy

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  1. It doesn't matter… [P9] In one case inaccurate information taught in schools represented a further barrier to safer sex: We also learn about non-productive methods [non-penetrative sex], although they're only mentioned because I mention them.

  2. Aye, so you need to actually work on people's confidence as well as the sex education and that because it's alright teaching them you about it, but if you've no' got the confidence, then it's not going to really help you is it.

  3. You might start cuddling and you might just want to do it and it's hard not to.

  4. Collectively these identify many factors that are important for health protective behaviours that appear to be lacking from the repertoire of LAYP.

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