Sex with roomate


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While you can never be forced out of your room by your roommate, there are times where you feel like you have to leave or else you will be stuck in an uncomfortable situation. The safest route is to ignore your desires and find someone else to shack up with to keep the peace at home, but if you absolutely cannot resist the urge to bone the guy or gal you share a home with, weigh the pros and cons first. There have been times where I have offered for them to stay in my dorm for the night.

Sex with roomate

Yet, this is extremely dangerous territory and one false step could land you in a heap of trouble. If you have something else on, the people that can hear you, including your roommate, will greatly appreciate not hearing the loving sounds you two are making.

Sex with roomate

Sex with roomate

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  1. When it does come to an end, you may find that living together is uncomfortable or downright unbearable, especially if you have unrequited feelings for your roomie.

  2. April 25, Ummm, I find that there tends to be a lot of misusage of the word 'room mate' as 'house mate' or 'flat mate'. Their sex shouldnt come into it too much if you are sharing a house, if you are sharing a room it depends on how much you care about that sort of thing.

  3. We are all humans, however.

  4. In my humble opinion, the key in any intersexual relationships is being aware your differences and similarities and using this awareness to balance your relationships.

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