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Condomless sex in the gay, bisexual and transgender community is widely demonised, regardless of the situation or motivations of individuals, in a way that it is not when it relates to the wider population. This article describes a conceptual model of STI risk and condom use based on the perceptions and experiences of condom use in a group of young Australian males.


The stigma around condomless sex, in particular, is having a profound and detrimental effect on sexual health behaviours, attitudes to sexual risk, and on wider mental health. About condoms were found on Florida's beaches during a three-hour litter collection campaign in Epub Sep



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  1. They are also vital to ensure that those living with HIV, and without, do so with freedom. It has taken a long time for us to reach this point.

  2. Institutional stigma is also reinforcing this — in the UK, for example, while the contraceptive pill is available through the National Health Service NHS , there have been ongoing battles to get PrEP made available in the same way.

  3. Are there environmentally friendly condoms? But progress on eliminating stigma and self-stigma around HIV, sex and sexuality, remains slow and is constraining the opportunities these scientific advances provide for sexual health and sexual choices.

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