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The Probe Plus delivers in spades. The current will flow from the head of the bipolar electrode through your prostate and on to your testicles and this can be a very intense feeling.

Sexmachine cum

The top half of the conductive loop around the balls and penis is insulated so that you get full contact through the perinial area. The Probe Plus delivers in spades. I will then add your advice on here and of course give credit to you.

Sexmachine cum

Sexmachine cum

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  1. You can use masking tape or a strip of card to insulte the top half of the loop. One cock loops or band is placed around the cock just under the head and an adhesive pad electrode is then stuck on the perinium the area between your balls and anus.

  2. You should experiment with the position of the loops in order to find what works best for you. The Dicktator provides pounding, penetrating pleasure at the control of your fingertips.

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