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For example, you may have a preference for a more feminine type of person, but then discover someone who pushes your buttons in a new and exciting way. Youth appears to be when most change in sexual orientation identity occurs for females. But the degree to which a person is sexually fluid is a separate variable that operates alongside sexual orientation.

Sexualy fluid

This has been described as sexual fluidity. In follow-up sessions, the few changes in sexual orientation that did occur following therapy did not last. Sexual fluidity can occur in people who are definitively heterosexual or homosexual, but simply experience a change in their sexual response.

Sexualy fluid

Sexualy fluid

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  1. She stated that she "is more than just a label", and that she did not suddenly consider herself sexually attracted to men, but rather attracted to de Blasio.

  2. There is some recent work that addresses male sexual fluidity.

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