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So even if you don't like the name, show appreciation and love for the gesture. Here are some steps you can take to say no to a nickname! You can never go wrong with the classics!

Sexxy men

Considering that the three main themes of TMBG songs are bad break-ups, drug addiction, and death, it's nice to see the Johns tackle a kinder, gentler theme like sex with an androgyne. It's making fun of those 'love' songs you hear on the radio 'There she is standing on the bed cookie in one hand wig on her head' It's just for the fun of it. Either way, definitely spies.

Sexxy men

Sexxy men

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  1. If the recipient is well-endowed in certain areas of the body, this can prove to be great inspiration for some super sexy nicknames! Proceed with caution and if you respect the person, and try not to be too vulgar with it.

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