Sexy ping pong


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Now I only say this to point out my own flaw. Audience is dark and the stage is lit up with a bit of a cat walk set up.

Sexy ping pong

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Sexy ping pong

Sexy ping pong

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  1. Similar to a comedy club in the states. The law prevents them from outright selling admission to the ping pong show.

  2. Around 4pm we decided to head back to the hostel. You say no to one and literally two feet later another one is grabbing your arm.

  3. Bangla GOGO Girls presens Twitter Scientist have discovered that in moments of fear, a brain area called the amygdala becomes more active resulting in the perception that time has slowed down. And they begin to remove my clothes.

  4. All wet and confused. Think Cher from the Clueless movie mixed with Speedy Gonzalez.

  5. Now I only say this to point out my own flaw.

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