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The trainers had him concentrate on building his core strength , flexibility, and balance. He played way too passively. Miami advanced to face New Jersey, who won a surprising game 1 victory before the Heat won four straight to assure a rematch with Detroit.

Shag oneal

On February 27, , O'Neal scored 45 points and grabbed 11 rebounds, his 49th career point game, beating the Toronto Raptors — He claimed one of the main reasons for wanting to be traded to Miami was because of their up-and-coming star Dwyane Wade , to whom he gave the nickname "Flash".

Shag oneal

Shag oneal

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  1. I know for a fact if I was healthy, we would have gotten it done that year and won a ring.

  2. Chicago would respond with two dominating performances at home to tie the series, but Miami would respond right back with a victory at home in game 5.

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