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It also makes a powerful case for that history representing a different narrative of women in the past. Abrams painstakingly builds up a picture of a female culture which depended on solidarity and reciprocity.

Shetland females

Moreover, two waves of clearances the s to the s, and the s to the s resulted in the concentration of the land in very few, generally male, hands. She posits Shetland as an alternative story to, and not simply a regional variation in, the history of women in Western Europe.

Shetland females

Shetland females

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  1. As the author records, the census of revealed the most extreme imbalance of the century, with women to every one hundred men in Shetland.

  2. A woman who could not work was a liability. They also brought the pre-occupations of Evangelical Christianity, particularly with temperance and sexual morality.

  3. However, as Abrams points out, many of these women workers were not from Shetland, but from other parts of Scotland.

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