Short comebacks insults


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You're so ugly, when your mom dropped you off at school she got a fine for littering. Every time I'm next to you, I get a fierce desire to be alone. I guess you prove that even god makes mistakes sometimes.

Short comebacks insults

In the case of snide remarks, if you know your colleague has a tendency to make them, train your brain to listen to his or her words carefully and be prepared to remark quickly to defuse the situation. I was at the zoo.

Short comebacks insults

Short comebacks insults

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  1. If your gonna be two faced, honey at least make one of them pretty. He said okay, you're ugly too.

  2. I was at the zoo.

  3. My friend thinks he is smart.

  4. They can only be made in the moment using the unexpected material you get from the other person by listening actively and precisely, experts say.

  5. You, sir, are an oxygen thief!

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