Signs a bisexual likes you


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Another reason to maintain communication has to do with making sure you're thinking about her even when you're apart. It can be hard to tell if a woman is just being friendly or if she actually likes you. Communication is key, and she'll be thrilled to know that you reciprocate her feelings.

Signs a bisexual likes you

She Makes It a Mission to Be Near You One of the signs that a woman is interested in another woman is that she wants to be near you and she does everything she can to make it happen. Friends like to be near each other. She may compliment the outfit your wearing, tell you that you smell good, or say that your hair looks great that way.

Signs a bisexual likes you

Signs a bisexual likes you

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  1. Just like with many of the signs, the awkwardness has to be unique to her interactions with you.

  2. She Remembers Things You Like A woman interested in another woman will do her best to remember the things the other woman likes. She'll probably be upset, but she'll be happier that you didn't lead her on.

  3. Another thing, this goes both ways. Bring up something gay related in the news.

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