Signs of a loveless marriage


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Every day was the same. Try to meet more people together and have friends you both are comfortable with.

Signs of a loveless marriage

When your partner disregards everything you say, and you criticize everything he or she does, you eventually end up hating each other. Over time, there are little annoyances which could lead to arguments in your relationship but if resolved strengthen the relationship. No matter how hard we struggle to save a loveless marriage, there are times when divorce seems like the only option left.

Signs of a loveless marriage

Signs of a loveless marriage

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  1. In time, this attitude will generate a toxic relationship climate in which problems are swept under the rug, and silence replaces uncomfortable but potentially healing conversations.

  2. It is your life after all. This is the part where criticism and defensiveness might spark some heated arguments.

  3. In general, people are reluctant to admit their mistakes and change their dysfunctional attitudes.

  4. But it is true. The only thing that changed was probably her clothes.

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