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That way I know how to handle myself if I am ever around that child. But of course all that change once the relationship between you and that child's parent become serious. So, I need your help and insight.


I've been told that the rule for dating men with children is, if a man's children are 5 years or older, they're safe to date, and any numbers under that, they're still dating their baby's mom. But that's the world we live in. I care to hear little or nothing about your child -- especially if I've never met him!



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  1. What's Skraw's rules on dating men with a child or children?

  2. The reason I'm really apprehensive about it is because I dated this guy a few years back that had two children which he claimed were 3 and 1 years old, and he swore he and his baby mother were done. I care to hear little or nothing about your child -- especially if I've never met him!

  3. Hit her up at skrawberry miaminewtimes.

  4. That was straight drama! I should've known something when he couldn't keep his junk hard.

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