Sniffing wifes panties


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Sniffing wifes panties

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Sniffing wifes panties

Sniffing wifes panties

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  1. Its her scent that's arousing you not the panties themselves. All posts must contain at least characters of meaningful content.

  2. Don't necessarily say you were sniffing her dirty panties like a feining coke whore unless you think she'll be into that.

  3. If I closed my eyes and my wife was aroused and put it in my face so I could smell her I'd be pretty turned on too. Shitpost as in literally involving defecation or other bodily fluids.

  4. Notes Moderators reserve the right to remove threads or ban users for any of the above rule violations. Context as in the story doesn't have any more info beyond the title.

  5. Don't read too deep into this. Just because something bad happened to you doesn't mean it's a fuck up.

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