Songs about cheating


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Sir, you have a bit of romantic competition, and it's not another dude. People can cheat emotionally, physically, or both. Creating Heavy Emotional Baggage Infidelity can create years worth of emotional baggage for a person who has been betrayed by a lover regardless of whether the relationship lasts.

Songs about cheating

Listen to this song by Keshia Cole to understand mistrust is all about. Listen to Justin Timberlake song for more about why what goes around must always come around. As the husband returns from work through the front door of the home, the cheating partner leaves the home through the back door, hence "back door man.

Songs about cheating

Songs about cheating

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  1. Now she regrets her dalliances, realizing that she is the real loser: She compares the emotional pain she causes him to pulling out a gun and murdering him inside.

  2. It's about a sad man who hears from others that his honey has been stepping out on him.

  3. In this song, she casts herself as a cheater who is stepping out yet again on the man who loves her. You can flow with millions of people who mellow their broken hearts with this song by Christina Aguilera.

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