Songs about independence


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And now the internet itself, the bearer of so much independent expression and freedom, is itself vulnerable to such control, as Edward Snowden's revelations on NSA surveillance reveal. Must be tough for a fella in those shoes. You've got to admire a decent father, because some don't do the right thing.

Songs about independence

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Songs about independence

Songs about independence

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  1. Like, you can be my lover tonight, but I don't need you to be faithful. And enjoy this potent brew, for it is laced with paradox, for, as Joseph Heller satirically put it, on the predicament of Yossarian in Catch

  2. Most of us know how to order food and drink in Spanish, but would we know it if someone were cursing us out?

  3. Is that just a dream we once had?

  4. His Let It Go suggests that we're never going to be whole until we release the 'spirit child'.

  5. Wasis Diop believes there's an independent spirit inside us all.

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