Southern music pool league


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Pool tables, foosball games, arcade games, shuffleboards and ping pong tables. I can't ask for much more. Adorned with colourful Japanese artwork and filled with rock and popular music, Stones draws Observatory's hippies and students, like an 8 ball to the pocket.

Southern music pool league

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Southern music pool league

Southern music pool league

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  1. I really like Dave Cues because he puts a high quality maple shaft on all of his cues -- making a good quality shaft accessible to any level of player! You have some operations in Mexico.

  2. A raffle-ticket drawing for the cue takes place on the final day. We derive revenue by promoting play on the coin-operated tables that we rent to the taverns.

  3. Who was your most important mentor? If you don't have risk, you probably have no gain either.

  4. Who Breaks -- Winner, Loser, Trailer?

  5. Each session runs roughly 14 weeks followed by a two-week playoff period to determine regional qualifiers. All those components tend to make it work, or at least that's been my story of success.

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