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Many of the doorways and windows have Gothic arched openings and hooded windows. This acre park features softball fields, a sand volleyball court, an hole disc golf course, tennis courts, a gymnasium, and batting cages.

Special olympics douglasville ga

The center is home to the ouglas County Stingrays [20] swim team as well as local high school and Special Olympics swim teams. Jesse Davis Park is located north of downtown Douglasville and serves as a neighborhood park for residents of North Douglasville. Sweetwater Creek State Park is a 2,acre

Special olympics douglasville ga

Special olympics douglasville ga

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  1. Government[ edit ] In , the city elected Rochelle Robinson as its first female and first African American mayor. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

  2. Government[ edit ] In , the city elected Rochelle Robinson as its first female and first African American mayor. Classes for a variety of visual and performing arts are available year round for all ages.

  3. Summit Church of West Georgia meets here on Sunday mornings.

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