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Now, the prefrontal cortex, that youngest part of our brain from an evolutionary perspective, it understands on an intellectual level that we shouldn't smoke. Laughter Now, she moved from knowledge to wisdom. So we can help them tap into their inherent capacity to be curiously aware right when that urge to smoke or stress eat or whatever arises.

Spelling of habbit

Now, with these same brain processes, we've gone from learning to survive to literally killing ourselves with these habits. But over time, as we learn to see more and more clearly the results of our actions, we let go of old habits and form new ones.

Spelling of habbit

Spelling of habbit

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  1. And this willingness to turn toward our experience is supported by curiosity, which is naturally rewarding.

  2. And it tries its hardest to help us change our behavior, to help us stop smoking, to help us stop eating that second, that third, that fourth cookie.

  3. Well here's an example from one of our smokers.

  4. I'll give you an example.

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