Sprinter workout schedule


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Next, while keeping the bar as close to your body as possible, push your knees back, lift your chest up, then start to slowly raise the barbell from the ground to roughly above your knees. Next, while keeping your back straight and engaging your core, squat down and grab the barbell with an overhand grip a bit wider than shoulder width. In other words, you will have to become a total package kind of an athlete.

Sprinter workout schedule

Yes, warming up is that important if you are serious about warding off injury and sprinting your best. Elite sprinters possess a high proportion of fast twitch muscle fibers; have sheer amounts of work capacity, exceptional reaction time and quick foot movement. Next, lower the barbell by moving your butt back and bending your hips as far as you can while keeping the core engaged and back straight throughout the motion.

Sprinter workout schedule

Sprinter workout schedule

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  1. On the Track Dynamic warm up To sprint safely, there are few precautions you need to take in order to ensure that you are making the most out of your sessions without increasing the risk of injury or burnout. As a general guideline, most sprint training exercises are designed to target these fast twitch fibers, performing explosive exercises and short sprints instead of steady-state long distance running and cardio training.

  2. Here is how Start off with a minute easy jog, then perform 30 seconds to one minute of the following drills with little rest between each move. Hold for a moment, then jump backward down to starting position and spring quickly back up.

  3. Next, assume a mini squat, then while engaging your core, extending your hips and swinging your arms, leap onto the box, landing softly on both feet. As soon as the bar passes your knees, explosively stand up by first rising up on tiptoes, pulling the bar up higher leading with the elbows.

  4. Bench Press Start by laying on your back on a flat bench.

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