Sprinting fat burn


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This brings us back to the "I'm getting older" matter. I set forth to figure out how I could fix it and get shredded like when I was a kid.

Sprinting fat burn

I'm too good at it. I was excited to get back to it because, to be honest, I was getting leaner already.

Sprinting fat burn

Sprinting fat burn

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  1. Only one way to find out, of course. The After-Burner After a bout of sprinting, your body's metabolism increases to recover the lack of oxygen and to recover to its resting state.

  2. According to Robert dos Remedios, director of speed, strength and conditioning at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California, the best way to burn fat is to perform high-intensity exercises. Long-duration endurance exercise can be just as effective as sprinting if it is performed on a consistent basis.

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