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With its hip black-and-white Obamaesque design and fresh voice, Stay Teen is able to teach valuable lessons about teen pregnancy without coming off as stodgy or didactic. However, there are no chat, message board, or email tools. Part IV draws from TVs representations of reality to discuss the impact of these shows on the viewing audience.


While some argue that the programs could play a factor in reducing the number of teen pregnancies, others claim the shows exploit young women and glamorize their situations. How do the negative parts outweigh the positive?



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  1. Comments on the site so far are sparse, and most of these are long, off-topic posts from girls either dealing with pregnancy scares or expressing satisfaction with being a teen mother. Critical Essays on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, contributors from a variety of backgrounds and expertise offer potent essays about these programs.

  2. Do teens feel comfortable asking about sex and relationships?

  3. This site is primarily an educational tool, not a place for kids to network.

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