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I am selling the pipes because I am not playing these pipes enough due to my busy schedule, and bothersome thumb arthritis. May consider a partial exchange for something of interest. That's the charm of the flat pitch chanters, These were the original pitch chanters played in Ireland only semi-tone lower but completely different in character.

Sterling il classifieds

Original bag has been replaced with the new Kelleher one shown, but is included in the sale for collectability purposes. Ledeen shows that the strategies of contemporary West European Communist Parties are now roughly similar to those of the immediate post-war period.

Sterling il classifieds

Sterling il classifieds

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  1. They are easy to play, have an especially sweet tone, and will last a lifetime billhaneman.

  2. Can send sound clips if desired. He said a few months ago he's not taking any new orders for about 2 years.

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