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Yes, yes, you won't be informed about politics, current affairs, developments in science and technology, but none of that stuff is "actionable" or leads to you furthering your "life goals", except if one of your life goals is to be an informed citizen As a philosophical thought experiment, it's very interesting.


Tweet Are you playing it safe, but feeling trapped in the life you have created for yourself? Today I want to take the concept a step further and share the idea of building your own Personal Bible. It doesn't justify ignoring the findings of medical science and preferring



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  1. How his strategy for setting goals is different, and more effective than other mainstream approaches. Consider this Kuhn-misquoting lunacy:

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  3. You and Your Research [ link ] Paul Graham: I mean the Angel who appeared to the wrestlers of the Old Testament:

  4. We hunger for the new. Other rationality deficits[ edit ] Pavlina has a long blog post explaining why he doesn't have anything to do with "news" and doesn't read news websites, newspapers etc.

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