Straight men and transexuals


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When I accidentally asked women in a gay bar if she was a cross-dressed man, I would have thought that they would get very upset. John Money and Malgorzata Lamacz proposed the term gynemimetophilia to refer to a sexual preference for male-assigned people who look like, act like, or are women, including crossdressed men and trans women. Why waste dialogue on trans when you can jump right into the steamy parts of the conversation?

Straight men and transexuals

Green writes, "Plenty of penis-less transmen [ In the end, they're no better or worse than other beauty pageants, but I remember some of the rhetoric about the "accomplishments" of the performers as being way, way over the top. A study employing the penile plethysmograph demonstrated that the arousal patterns, genital and subjective, of men who self-report attraction to trans women are similar to those of straight men, and different from those of gay men.

Straight men and transexuals

Straight men and transexuals

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