Stud dykes


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This is a general gay term. For example, you could put a butch in a dress and she will probably hate you and be uncomfortable as hell, lol , but she is still butch. Stemmes often dress in male apparel, but still have feminine qualities.

Stud dykes

A female who believes herself to be a lesbian but eventually goes back to men. Sorry if there was any typos, the spell check isn't working. This is a general gay term.

Stud dykes

Stud dykes

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  1. This is a general gay term. A lesbian who has never slept with a man.

  2. Anyway, I hope it did, at least a lil, and that I didn't confuse you more, lol.

  3. The polar opposite of a femme.

  4. Biebians have become overwhelmingly numerous within the last couple of years.

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